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Why We're Dropping Netflix

There has been much said about the new show that has debuted on Netflix that depicts Jesus as gay. The show, The First Temptation of Christ, has received a great deal of backlash, and it has been the topic of debate lately with nearly 2 million people signing a petition against it.

I have been a Netflix customer for some time, but after reading about this I couldn't help but to say that enough is enough. For Christians, this is a clear example of how we must stand for truth and show concern for guarding our children. This exemplifies the importance of monitoring what our children are consuming online. However, it is important for a Christian of any age to be mindful of what we allow to influence us. There may be some who say that Netflix was wrong in their actions, but they stop short of supporting the company through their monthly subscription. I want to answer some objections Christians may have in cancelling their Netflix service.

What about freedom of expression?

Shouldn't they be allowed to produce an artistic representation of something like this? First of all, I would love to see what the reaction would be if they released an artistic depiction of the Prophet Mohammad as a homosexual. See how that would go over. The only reason there aren't riots in the streets is because true Christians are peaceful people.

Secondly, they may have the legal right to do something like this, but I have every right to oppose it. It takes a good bit for me to be personally offended by something. Our society has become so politically correct it feels like we have to walk around eggshells constantly just to protect someone else's "rights." While the rights of liberals in our society have been embraced, it seems like the rights of conservative Christians have been trampled upon. So, yes I am pretty offended about this. Where does freedom of expression end and freedom of religion begin? I fear the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.

What's the harm in the show they produced?

For the Christ follower the answer should be obvious - it is blasphemous to depict the Son of God in this way. It's not funny or creative. It's blasphemous.

Here is the harm - there are people in the movie and film industry who have an agenda. They want to radically transform the values and moral fabric of conservative Christians. They did not create this show in a vacuum. They are using the massive influence available to them to change how people think and react to certain ideas. If we don't push back and say enough is enough, they will keep asserting their influence further.

Why not just watch something else on Netflix?

That may have been a legitimate option in the age of cable television where many of the channels we watched were simply showing something that was produced by someone else. The cable company was simply the conduit through which we consumed information or entertainment.

In the age of streaming services like Netflix, that is no longer the case. Netflix produces many of their own shows. They are not innocent conduits through which we watch what we want to. They have an agenda, and their agenda is clear. Notice the types of documentaries they offer and the types of documentaries they don't offer.

Why not cancel other services that show sinful material?

I will admit this is something that every Christian has to wrestle with in this day and age. There should be no doubt: what we consume influences us. It changes how we think and act. We should be aware of what we are watching on TV. There are plenty of other channels and streaming services that show material that is sinful in nature. Christians need to be aware of that.

However, we have to allow individual Christians to draw the lines for their families. For me, there were plenty of shows that caused me to question whether or not we should cancel our Netflix subscription. This show, however, crosses the line unequivocally. This is sinful, but it is also an attempt to tear down everything that is sacred about my faith. It is mockery of the Son of God who died for my sins. It is a blatant insult of everything we believe as Christians.

Is there nothing sacred anymore? I believe there should be. And Netflix needs to know that.

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