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Leadership and Staff

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Justin Carter

Senior Pastor

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Briam Fachisthers
Associate Pastor of Missions and Hispanic Ministries

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Anna Pierce

Ministry Assistant for Administration

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Sheila Barrett
Ministry Assistant for Hospitality 

Photo Aug 22, 9 54 08 AM.jpg

McQuade Dillard

Associate Pastor of Discipleship

Photo Aug 22, 9 53 40 AM.jpg

Bridgett Kirsch

Director of Worship Ministries

Photo Aug 22, 9 32 13 AM.jpg

Louann Brown

Ministry Assistant for Facilities


Deacon Ministry

 Our deacon ministry exists to serve the needs of the church and to help ensure the spiritual health of the congregation. They work to support the vision of the senior pastor and promote unity in our faith family. Their critical role is described in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3.


Billy Short, chairman

Donnie Stephens

Michael Blackmon


Not Pictured: 

Bill Ingram, vice-chairman
Elex Jarrell

Johnathan Kirsch

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