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Discipleship at Second

At Second, we have two main avenues for discipleship. Sunday School is divided by age and meets every Sunday at 9:45am. We also have Discipleship classes that meet in in the Spring and Fall for a set period of time on Sunday nights at 6pm. There are various classes that address different areas of life such as finances, parenting, marriage, Church History, etc.

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Current Sunday School Classes and Teachers

9:45 AM Sunday Morning 

Nursery: Volunteers 

K-3rd Grade: Jan Mosley 

4th - 5th Grade: Victoria West 

Middle School: Laurie Brumby 

High School: Michael Longshore

College and Young Adults: Sara Carter and Pastor Justin

Young Adults: Elex Jarrell

Couples 1: Julie Loudermilk

Women 1: Carol Pilgrim

Women 2: Elaine Morgan and Teresa Painter

Women 4: Beth Alexander

Men 1: Bill Ingram

Men 2: Darrell Stephens

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Spring Discipleship Classes and Teachers

6 PM Sunday Evening

- Celebrate Recovery Step Study: Becki Duncan and David Wright

Going Global: Briam Fachisthers (How to become engaged in the mission of God)

Not Alone (Women): Sara Carter (How ladies can develop authentic friendships)

- 33 The Series: Billy Short (A man and his traps- pursuing authentic manhood)

- Intro to Hermeneutics: Justin Carter (How to read and understand the Bible in context)

A Study of Mark: McQuade Dillard (Middle and High School) 

- Children in Action: Hattie Malidor and volunteers

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